Infrared Radiation Technology Takes Huntington Beach Home Inspections to the Next Level

IR + Certification = Home Inspectors Vital Tools

Perhaps the most valuable tool a home inspector can have in their “toolbelt” is an infrared camera. Infrared inspections take your home and light commercial inspection to the next level. Infrared radiation is capable of  detecting major issues that are invisible to the human eye.

Certified through Monroe Infrared Technology, inSPECHTions conducts an infrared inspection with confidence. Our granular understanding helps us ensure the technology is well deployed in a manner that is beneficial to the owner or investor of the property.

Identity in the Comprehensive Imaging

inspechtions-infrared-home-inspector-huntington-beach-orange-county-light-commercial-inspectionsInfrared imaging translates the heat signatures of objects into colors on a gradient scale. Higher temperatures appear as lighter colors, whereas lower temperatures and wet areas appear as darker colors. This technology captures the light that exists just outside the visible spectrum through surface-heat variations. This is why an IR camera is such a diverse tool for commercial and home inspectors. It can be used for a variety of applications, including:

  • abnormally hot electrical components and connections
  • areas of moisture (leaks and structural damage can be located based on apparent temperature differences)
  • heat loss and cool air leakage in a building envelope
  • areas of insufficient insulation

During an energy audit, these can be pinpointed quickly and accurately. Interestingly enough, a home and light commercial inspector can detect an infestation of pests and/or bugs through this technology.

inspechtions-light-commercial-inspection-orange-county-huntington-beach-home-inspector-infraredTrust Through Transparency

The proper use of infrared imaging will be a potential homeowner’s best friend. inSPECHTions provides the knowledge and experience to use this type of tool, while also remaining transparent with the information.

Inspectors are the bridge between the homeowner and the contractors, who will do the subsequent work. At inSPECHTions, some of the cornerstones throughout this process include client care, communication and integrity. These cornerstones become apparent throughout the process.

Trusting instruments in the home and light commercial industry make our world more efficient and effective. Get prepared for inSPECHTions with our quick reference checklist.

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