Newport Beach Home Inspection

A Newport Beach Home Inspection Report

Wondering what a digital home inspection report looks like? Take a look at this report we did for a home inspection in Newport Beach.

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Huntington Beach Home Inspection

Potential Water Leak in Master Bedroom

During this Huntington Beach home inspection, we were able to detect something invisible to the naked eye. Without this technology, this could have easily been missed throughout the inspection process.

To the human eye, this appears like a normal master bedroom wall, but with the help of this technology, it shows it's nothing close to normal. With our Infrared Thermal Camera, we were able to detect a thermal anomaly, which shows a potential water leak.

Curious about how this all works? Check out our blog post which explains how infrared radiation technology takes Huntington Beach home inspections and light commercial services to the next level.

Huntington Beach Home Inspection

Potential Water Leak in Bathroom

It didn't appear like anything was wrong with the area surrounding the bathroom vent fan, until we brought in our Infrared Thermal Camera and started snapping images.

The technology detects radiation that is invisible to the human eye; in this case, the technology detects thermal anomalies, which could potentially be the result of a water leak.