The Benefits of a Home Inspectors Fly-Over

Could you imagine the world we live in without robust technology at your fingertips? Probably not! Life is filled with ever-changing technology, just like the industries in which we work.

As we progress into the home and light commercial inspection world, an understanding of technological advancement–such as drones–has become paramount. Chances are you’ve heard about drones and the capabilities in which people use them; from photography and videography, to aviation and recreational hobbies… they’re just plain fun. That said, drones are an essential tool for our roof inspections. They’re not only more efficient, but they also provide a granular look into those pesky, roof-related issues.

Mapping + Data in One Click

The latest advances in drone technology have fundamentally changed the way inSPECHTions measures and conducts roof inspections. Yesteryear, an inspector’s frustrations stemmed from a twisted tape measure, to inconsistent endpoint selection and inaccessible edges. Typically, it’s difficult to maintain accuracy and consistency within a set of rooftop measurements. But, drones are the exception. They allow for a more safe and accurate solution, instead of the manual measurement and roof inspection.

A drone-based solution delivers a far richer set of data to streamline workflow. Some limitations of human abilities once fell short, and now, machine learning picks up the slack. Collecting data in a consistent, repeatable way is critical in trusting the process. inSPECHTions has the ability to integrate drone solutions and generate accurate reports and roof inspections with the click of a button.

Automated Accuracy

By utilizing the latest drone mapping technology, inSPECHTions is apprised of the architectural challenges of roofs in and around Orange County. Our drone allows accurate measurements of square footage, roof features, pitch, surface area and slope in a matter of minutes. Resolute data testing shows this technology to be consistently over 99% accurate.

inSPECHTions’ use of drones provide a faster and more cost-effective way to gather information and turn it into actionable data. In fact, end-to-end drone solutions are more effective and much faster than traditional methods. Drones deliver a far more productive set of data compared to what can be gathered by manual measurement. inSPECHTions embraces these findings and will provide you with a high-level digital report, allowing greater understanding for all parties involved in the inspection process.

As an essential tool for insurance claims, inSPECHTions uses drone technology to generate and deliver mapping on roof planes, slopes and areas. In addition, details point cloud captures of the roof’s entirety in high-resolution detail. This information gives inSPECHTions a powerful compilation of data. This allows for clear communication with not only insurance companies, but also contractors–those who will perform the work and give an understanding to the home and business owners. This data is used for reporting purposes and automates the collection of high-resolution roof imagery. Having this data readily shareable in a variety of export formats allows inSPECHTions to easily collaborate with insurance companies, contractors and homeowners.

Are you ready for inSPECHTions to deploy a fly-over of your investment?  Check out our super handy home inspector checklist before your big inspection.

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